Calculate Stones in a Step Pyramid

Calculator for the number of stones in a two-dimensional and in a three-dimensional step pyramid. It is started on top with one stone, in the level below are two stones per dimension, then three stones and so on. Enter the number of levels to get the total amount of stones.

Number of levels:
Number of stones 2D:
Number of stones 3D:

The number of stones can be calculated with the sum function. At a number of levels n, the formula for 2D is simply Σi for i from 1 to n. This can be converted into the function (n²+n)/2. The formula for 3D is Σi² for i from 1 to n.

Two-dimensional step pyramid Three-dimensional step pyramid

Example: a pyramid with three levels has 6 stones in two dimensionds and 14 stones in three dimensions.

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