Storage Calculation

Calculator, how many parts with the same size fit into a storage of a certain size. If the parts can't lie on top of each other and the storage height is sufficient, then it is a two-dimensional storage. In this case, enter length and width of the parts and of the storage room. If they can be stacked, then the storage is three-dimensional. In this case, also enter the height of the parts and of the storage room. If length, width and height of the parts are different, then there are multiple possibilities of orientation. When the upper side of the parts has to remain on top, so no vertical turn is allowed, then deselect vertical turning.
Please enter at least length and width of a part and of the storage room. It will be calculated, how many parts in which combination fit in length, width, height and in total into the storage.

Length part:
Width part:
Height part:
Length storage:
Width storage:
Height storage:

l x b x h
l x h x b
b x l x h
b x h x l
h x l x b
h x b x l

At combinations, e.g. h x l x b means, that the heights of the parts are arranged in the length of the storage, the lengths in the width and the widths of the parts in the height of the storage.


Example: in a two-dimensional storage of the size 299 x 198, parts of the size 81 x 61 are stored. In the orientation l x b 9 parts will fit in, in the orientation b x l only 8 parts will fit in.

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