Photovoltaics - Extrapolate Lease per Area

Calculator for the lease that is paid for an area which is rented for a photovoltaic system. Roofs, meadows, fields and other areas can be leased to companies, which then install a photovoltaic plant there and operate it for a certain period of time. You get money for that, depending on the size of the area. Other factors such as location also come into play. Synergy effects can lead to a proportionately higher price being paid for larger areas, as they are relatively cheaper to build on.
Here you can extrapolate the price for a certain area from the price that is paid for a standard area, often this price given by the tenant refers to one hectare. Please enter the first four values to calculate the lease.

Standard area:
Standard lease per year:

Leased area:
Duration: year(s)

Example: If 4000 € (or $) lease per year are paid for one hectare, the earning will be 720 € (or $) in three years with a 600 square meter area.

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