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Calculator for UK and US pint and liter contents.

The pint is an old but still common unit of volume in Anglo-American countries, especially of liquids. Very roughly it is in the order of half a liter, with the American pint (US) being slightly less at 0.473176473 liters and the British pint (UK) being noticeably more than half a liter at 0.56826128524935 liters.

Here, the three different units and their common variants with half and, in the case of a liter, also with quarter can be converted into one another. It is rounded to three decimal places. Please enter one value to calculate the others.

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Mug pint and liter

A mug with information for quarter liter (25 cl), half UK pint, half liter (50 cl) and UK pint. This one comes from a concert of a British band. It is worth noting that if it were filled with one UK pint, it would be very difficult to carry without spilling something.

Examples: one liter is equal to 1.76 UK pints and 2.113 US pints. The British pint is about 1.2 times the size of the American pint.

The British pint is also known as the imperial pint. The US pint refers to the US liquid pint variant. A US dry pint, which is hardly used anymore, had 551 milliliters. The half liter is sometimes also called a metric pint in English. The word pint comes from the French pinte, where it now also refers to half a liter. The Australian pint has 570 milliliters, which is the British pint rounded to a metric value. To make the confusion complete, there are other very different sizes for the pint in various other countries, from the Flemish pintje, which corresponds to a quarter of a liter, to the Scottish pint at just under 1.7 liters, which is now obsolete and only of historical interest.

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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