Convert Pints and Liters

Calculator for UK and US pint and liter contents.

The pint is an old but still common unit of volume in Anglo-American countries, especially of liquids. Very roughly it is in the order of half a liter, with the American pint (US) being slightly less at 0.473176473 liters and the British pint (UK) being noticeably more than half a liter at 0.56826128524935 liters.

Here, the three different units and their common variants with half and, in the case of a liter, also with quarter can be converted into one another. It is rounded to three decimal places.

Half a liter:
Quarter liter:
US Pint:
Half US Pint:
UK Pint:
Half UK Pint:

Mug pint and liter
A mug with indications for quarter liter (25cl), half UK pint, half liter (50cl) and UK pint.

Example: one liter equals 1.76 UK pints and 2.113 US pints.

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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