Calculate Liters in a Funnel

Calculator of how many liters fit in a funnel of a certain size.

A simple funnel is mathematically a truncated cone, just like a bucket. The size of the funnel is precisely determined by the upper and lower diameters and the height, the volume calculates as V = h * π / 3 * ( R² + Rr + r² ). R and r are top and bottom radius, h is height. The distances must be measured inside the funnel if the wall is of any notable thickness.

Funnels have a hole at the bottom, which means things you pour into them won't stay there for long. Volume refers to a funnel that is closed at the bottom and thus able to hold its contents.

Simple funnel

Example: a simple funnel with a top diameter of 10 cm, a bottom diameter of 2 cm and a height of 8 cm has a capacity of 0.26 liters.

Please enter both diameters and the height of the simple funnel. The volume will be calculated.

Upper diameter:cm
Lower diameter:cm

In practice, double funnels are often used, which are made of two truncated cones.

Kitchen funnel

Example: a kitchen funnel with a top diameter of 11 cm, a middle diameter of 2 cm and a bottom diameter of 1.5 centimeters. The height of the upper part is 8 cm, the height of the lower part is 6 cm. This funnel has a capacity of 0.32 liters.

Please enter all three diameters and both heights of the double funnel. The volume wil be calculated.
The middle diameter is where the two individual funnels connect.

Upper diameter:cm
Middle diameter:cm
Lower diameter:cm
Height upper part:cm
Height lower part:cm

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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