Calculate Milliliters in a Pipette

Calculator of how many milliliters fit in a pipette of a certain size.

Mathematically, a simplified pipette is a narrow cylinder topped by a short, narrowing truncated cone, which in turn is capped by a very narrow, longer truncated cone. Pipettes are used to pick up small amounts of liquid. For example, they suck in water without flowing back, which doesn't work with a large opening. Therefore, the sizes are to be entered here in millimeters, the volume is calculated in milliliters.
Lengths and diameters must be measured inside the pipette.


Example: a pipette has a cylinder length of 50 millimeters, the length of the middle part is 10 millimeters and the tip is 30 millimeters. The diameter of the cylinder is 5 millimeters, the diameter at the crease inside is 2 millimeters and at the top it is 1 millimeter. When the pipette is full, it holds just over 1.1 milliliters.

Cylinder length:mm
Middle length:mm
Tip length:mm
Upper diameter:mm
Middle diameter:mm
Lower diameter:mm

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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