Calculate Milliliters in a Test Tube

Calculator of how much fits in a test tube of a certain height and diameter.

This applies to cylindrical test tubes with a round opening and a hemispherical bottom. The height is the total height of the inside, from the bottom to the mouth or fill level. If the height is less than half the diameter, i.e. the test tube is only filled up to part of the round bottom, then the filled shape is a spherical cap.

Test tube

Example: a test tube with a diameter of 1.5 cm and a fill level of 8 cm has a content of almost 13.7 milliliters.

Please enter diameter and height, the volume in milliliters (ml) and in liters (l) will be calculated. One liter is a thousand milliliters.

Height, fill level:cm

The formula for the volume is:
for h ≥ d/2: V = π/12 * [ d³ + 3d² * (h - d/2) ]
for h < d/2: V = π/3 * h² * (3/2d - h)

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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