Calculate Liters in a Measuring Spoon

Calculator how many milliliters, centiliters, deciliters or liters fit in a measuring spoon.

Such is used, for example, to measure coffee powder. Mathematically, a measuring spoon is a rounded cone. The formula for calculating the volume is complicated.

Measuring spoon Sketch

Example: a measuring spoon has a top diameter of 4 cm. The lower diameter, where the sloping walls meet the bend, is 1.5 cm. The height without the round base (see funnel) is 2.5 cm. This measuring spoon holds 16.3 milliliters when it is full.

Please enter the upper and lower diameter and the height of the funnel. The content in milliliters (ml), centiliters (cl), deciliters (dl) and in liters (l) is calculated. If the measuring spoon is not completely full, the diameter must be measured at the fill level.

Top diameter:cm
Bottom diameter:cm
Funnel height:cm

Coffee spoon

This coffee measuring spoon has a top diameter of 3.7 cm, a bottom diameter of 2 cm and a funnel height of 2.5 cm. Almost 18 milliliters fit in here, more if heaped up.

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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