Calculate Liters in a Goblet

Calculator of how many liters, centiliters or milliliters fit in a goblet, chalice or wine glass of a certain size.

A drinking glass is often in the shape of a truncated spheroid. Calculating the volume of such a shape is very complicated. However, if the glass or goblet is filled exactly to the widest point, then a simple calculation is possible. The volume is then half the volume of a spheroid.

Goblet, Chalice, Wine Glass

Example: a goblet that is 6 cm high and 8 cm wide, and thus filled at its greatest width, contains 0.2 liters.

Please enter the fill level and the filling width. The values refers to the inside of the glass without the wall. The content in milliliters (ml), centiliters (cl), deciliters (dl) and in liters (l) is calculated. Eighths and quarters are common for wine.

Fill level:cm
Filling width:cm

This calculation only applies to the filling exactly up to the widest point! If you fill up to a different point, this calculation doesn't work. You can then determine the volume by trying it out with an appropriate measuring cup.

Glass of wine

This wine glass with a height of 4.9 centimeters and a widest point of 7 centimeters contains about 125 milliliters, that is one eighth of a liter.

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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