Calculate Area Under an Angle

Calculator for the area from the angle and the length of the legs. An angle with two legs of equal length that are connected at the end results in an isosceles triangle. Please enter the angle in degrees and the length of the legs to calculate the other values.

Area under an angle

Angle γ: °
Length legs a:
Length distance c:
Length bisector l:
Area A:
Round to    decimal places.

The formulas are:
c = √ 2a² - 2a² * cos(γ)
l = c/(2*tan(γ/2))
A = l * c / 2

Example: with an angle of 55° and a length of the legs of 5.6 cm, the distance (the base of the isosceles triangle) is 5.2 cm, the length of the bisector is 5 cm and the area is 12.8 cm².

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