Calculate Angle Pairs

Calculator for angle pairs in degrees and radiant. Angle pairs are two angles that are in relation to each other. Here those angles can be calculated in degrees and in radiant as rad or as multiples of π. Please enter one angle into the according field, all the other angles will be calculated. Normalize brings the angles to values between 0° and 360°, respectively between 0 and 2π.

Degreesrad* π
Perpendicular leftγL
Perpendicular rightγR

Angle pairs

Angle pairs example with α=32°

α: angle
β: complementary angle, expands α to a right angle, if α<90°. β = 90° − α
γL: left perpendicular angle, γL = α + 90°
γR: right perpendicular angll, γR = α − 90°
δ: supplementary angle, expands α to a straight line, if α<180°. δ = 180° − α
ε: opposite angle, points in the opposite direction. ε = α + 180°
ζ: explementary angle, brings α back to 360°, which is 0, if α<360°. ζ = 360° − α;