Add Angles

Calculator for two angles in a row. The second angle is set on the first one, the angle of the second leg to the base is calculated. If the leg intersects the base or not doesn't matter. The result can be transferred to the first angle and the calculation can continue with a new second angle.
If the angle points to the left, a minus has to be added to the value (or 180° minus the angle has to be calculated). Both angles are summed up and then corrected to a value between 0 and 180 degrees. Please enter two values, the third will be calculated.

First angle α: °
Second angle β: °
Resulting angle γ: °

Zwei Winkel in Reihe

Example: α is 43° to the left, so it is -43° or 137°, β is 96° to the right. The resulting angle γ is 53° (137° + 96° - 180°).

γ = α + β
0° ≤ γ < 180°, otherwise γ ± 180°

Here you can convert radian into degrees.