Calculate Work, Power or Time

Stopwatch and calculator for the work done at a constant power in a given time. Work is the amount of energy converted. Put simply, work is a measure of what gets done. You can measure the time with the stopwatch or enter it. If you enter two values, the third is calculated.


Calculator for the work done in a given time at a constant power

Time: s

The power is specified in watts W, the work in joules J, watt seconds Ws (= joules) or watt hours Wh. The prefixes are m=milli (thousandths), k=kilo (thousands), M=mega (millions), G= Giga (Billions).

Example: a machine with a constant output of 3 kilowatts does 83 1/3 watt hours of work in 100 seconds.

Another example: a 2000 watt hair dryer used for three minutes, i.e. 180 seconds, consumes 360000 watt seconds (2000*180) of electrical energy, which is 100 watt hours.

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.