Convert Kilograms and liters

Converting Mass and Volume with Density

Simple converter for mass in grams or kilograms, volume in milliliters, liters or hectoliters and density in kg/m³ or g/cm³. Density indicates the mass of something per volume, so it is made up of these basic units, density = mass / volume. Here you can enter two values and calculate the third. The units can be chosen arbitrarily.


kg/m³ means kilograms per cubic meter and is identical to grams per liter. g/cm³ means grams per cubic centimeter and is identical to kilograms per liter.

Example: Iron has a density of 7.874 g/cm³. A cube with an edge length of 20 centimeters has a volume of 8 liters. Made of solid iron, this cube would weigh just under 63 kilograms.

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.