Calculate Measurement Error

A simple calculator for the range of the measured values and the measurement error or the measurement accuracy. The accuracy of the measurement of a physical quantity is never completely exact, there is always an error. This error describes the range of values that are measured at a size. A 10 percent measurement error is a standard specification for quantities that are difficult to measure. For sizes that are easy to measure, such as length, this is much lower.

Exact value x:
Lowest measured value x0:
Highest measured value x1:
Measurement error: %

Round to    decimal places.

Please enter two values, the other two will be calculated.

If you have measured a size several times, you can enter the lowest and the highest value, you then get a more or less good estimate of the exact size. The measured values should not be too far apart and should not have any outliers.

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.