Extrapolate Radiation Dose per Time

Stopwatch and calculator for the radiation dose to which one is exposed in a certain time at constant radiation. The average radiation exposure in Germany is about 0.24 μS (microsievert) per hour, which is about 2.1 mS (millisievert) per year. This value can vary widely (values ​​from 1 to 10 occur) and depends to a large extent on the bedrock and the height above it. The reason for this is the radioactive noble gas radon, which is mainly formed in granite rock by the decay of radium, which in turn is formed from uranium and thorium.
Here, the exposure for a different period of time can be calculated from the radiation exposure in a certain period of time if the strength of the radiation does not change over this time. Please enter a time or stop and enter the dose for this period of time. Then enter the other period of time to which you want to extrapolate and select the unit for the corresponding radiation exposure. An average year with 365.24 days is assumed as one year.



Measured time:
Measured dose:
Extrapolated time:
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Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.