Calculate Slide on a Slope

Stopwatch and calculator for sliding on an inclined plane without friction and air resistance. The calculated values are maximum values, realistic values are lower, in some cases far lower, if the materials in question are not particularly slippery. If the static friction is greater than the downhill force, which can be the case in particular with a slight incline, then there is no slipping at all and the body remains in place. A calculation using friction and air resistance would be extremely complicated. Please enter inclination or acceleration and one of the other three values, or enter inclination or acceleration and stop the time.


Calculator for speed, time and distance at a certain angle of inclination or acceleration

Inclination: °
Acceleration: m/s²
Time: s
Distance: m

The acceleration is calculated as the gravitational acceleration (9.81 m/s²) multiplied by the sine of the angle of inclination.

Example: in ski jumping, where friction and air resistance are kept as low as possible during the run-down, a theoretical maximum speed of almost 128 km/h can be achieved with a slope angle of 40° and a length of 100 meters. Speeds actually achieved are around 90 km/h.

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