Material Calculator - Bulk Density

Calculator for the bulk density and particle mass density from mass, solid volume and volume of the pores. The bulk density of porous bodies is smaller than the particle mass density; if the corresponding body has no pores, it is the same size. It is calculated as mass / (solid volume + pore volume), the pure density is mass / solid volume. The ratio of bulk density and particle mass density is the relative density, 100% - relative density gives the total porosity.
Please enter mass and volumes to calculate densities.

Solid volume:
Pore volume:
Total volume:
Bulk density:
Particle mass density:
Relative density: %
Total porosity: %

Example: Sand contains about 40 percent air by volume. So one cubic meter of sand has 0.6 m³ solid volume and 0.4 m³ pore volume and weighs 1.6 metric tons. Its bulk density is therefore 1.6 g/cm³, the particle mass density is around 2.7 g/cm³.

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