Material Calculator - Percentual Mixture

A calculator for amount and percent of a mixture of different substances. Up to five substances can be entered. The amount can be something like mass, weight, volume or number, the percent refer to this size. Please enter amount and percent of one substance and one of these values of the other substances. Each remaining value, the rest and the total will be calculated. Take care not to exceed 100 percent, otherwise the rest will become negative.

Substance 1:
Substance 2:
Substance 3:
Substance 4:
Substance 5:
Total: 100

Round to    decimal places.

Example: you want to make a 5-percent saline solution with 8 grams of salt. Then enter at one substance Amount 8 and Percent 5 and press Calculate. The result for the rest (e.g. water as solvent) is 152 grams and 95 percent, as a total you get 160 grams saline solution.

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German: Materialrechner