Material Calculator - Size and Mass in a Tube

A calculator for estimating volume and weight (mass) in a cylindrical or truncated cone shaped tube. A truncated cone is a cone with the tip cut off, an open pointing tube. Choose the shape and enter the dimensions and the density and click Calculate. Volume and mass of the tube's inside will be calculated. The dimensions have to be measured in the inside of the tube, not on the outside.

Weight (Mass):

Example: a hose with a length of 8 meters and a diameter of 2.1 centimeters has a capacity of 2.77 liters of water.

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German: Größe und Gewicht, Volumen und Gewicht, Rechteckige Platte, Rohr, Wärmeausdehnung, Verschieden dichte Stoffe mischen, Prozentuale Mischung, Gewicht (Masse) hochrechnen, Volumen hochrechnen, Verdrängung, Spezifisches Volumen, Spezifischer Widerstand, Fluss, Albedo