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Calculator Electromagnet: Field Strength and Flux Density

Calculates the magnetic field strength and the flux density of an electromagnet from the current, length and number of turns. An electromagnet consists of a conductive coil through which current flows. This current creates a magnetic field. The field strength H of this magnetic field is calculated from the current strength I in amperes, the number of turns n and the length of the coil L in meters as H = I * n / L. To calculate the flux density from the field strength, see field strength.
Please enter amperage, number of turns and coil length. The length of the coil refers to the distance between its beginning and end, not to the length of the wire when unwound.

Coil length
The length of the coil.

Amperage I:
Number of turns n:
Coil length L:
Magnetic field strength H:
Magnetic flux density B:

Example: if 8 amperes flow through a 20 centimeter long coil with 75 turns, the field strength is 3000 amperes per meter and the flux density is almost 3.8 milliteslas.

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