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Calculator for the magnetic field strength

Calculates the magnetic field strength from flux density, or the other way around. Magnetic field strength and flux density are closely related, they can be converted into each other via vacuum permeability (or magnetic constant) and relative permeability. The formula is H = B / ( μ0 * μr ) with the unit amperes per meter (A/m) for the field strength H and teslas for the flux density B. The vacuum permeability μ0 is 1.2566370621219 * 10-6 N/A². The relative permeability μr in vacuum is per definition 1, in air about 1.0000004.
Please enter flux density or field strength, the other value will be calculated. To get values in about the same magnitude, microteslas as unit is preset. To calculate with teslas, a suitable unit for the output is megaamperes per meter (MA/m).

Magnetic flux density B:
Relative permeability μr:
Magnetic field strength H:

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