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Calculator: Throw Distance at Angle

Calculate the distance of an object thrown at a certain angle, without air resistance. The air resistance is neglectable at compact, heavy objects and a velocity reached at normal throwing, it only slightly decreases the distance. So the distance depends on launch speed and the trajectory angle. A 45 degrees angle is ideal if, as assumed here, launch and landing point have the same height. The trajectory is an upside down parabola. The formula for the distance is d = v² * sin(2α) / a.
Launch velocity or thrown distance can be calculated from the other three values.

Launch velocity v:
Trajectory angle α: °
Gravitational acceleration a:
Thrown distance s:

Example: a stone, thrown with 70 kilometers per hour, can fly up to 38.5 meters. But thrown at a 30 degrees angle, it flies only 33 meters.

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