Calculate with the Gravitational Constant

Calculators for the gravitational acceleration and the weight from gravitational constant, mass and radius. The gravitational constant G is a fundamental physical constant with a fixed value, which is known to four decimal places, G = 6.6743 * 10-11 m³ / ( kg * s² ). From the mass and radius of a planet or other body, with this constant the gravitational acceleration on that can be calculated. With a second mass, the weight force between the two bodies can be calculated.

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Gravitational Acceleration

The gravitational acceleration is a dimension of the weight force, usually of a celestial body like Earth. It is calculated as g = G * m / r².
Please enter mass and radius, to calculate the gravitational acceleration. Radius can be entered in meters, kilometers or miles.

Mass m:*10^ kg
Radius r:
Gravitational acceleration g: m/s²

Weight Force

The weight force tells, how strongly two bodies attract each other. It is measured in newtons N and is calculated as g = G * m1 * m2 / r² with the units N = kg * m / s².
Please enter both masses and the radius. When the mass is in kilograms, then the power can be left empty or be 0. The radius is the distance of both mass centers. At the weight force, the prefixes m for milli, k for kilo, M for Mega and G for giga can be chosen.

Mass m1:*10^ kg
Mass m2:*10^ kg
Radius r:
Weight force F:

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