Calculate Maximum Height from Upward Velocity

Calculator for the height an item can reach, which is moving up with a certain speed. The air resistance is neglected here, this can be done for compact bodies and speeds that appear e.g. at throwing. The item has a start velocity vertically up and then isn't accelerated anymore. The gravitational force lets it reach a certain height and then fall back down again.
Enter one value at velocity and height, the other value will be calculated.

Velocity (v):
Height (h):
g-acceleration (g): m/s²

Round to decimal places.

Example: a ball, thrown vertically up with a speed of 25 km/h, can reach a maximum height of almost 2.5 meters above its starting point.

The formula is h=v²/(2g).

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German: Lineare g-Beschleunigung, g-Beschleunigung in einer Kurve, Strecke bei Beschleunigung, g-Kraft, Fallgeschwindigkeit, Höhe, Weite, Auftrieb, Zentrifuge, Gefühltes Gewicht, Gravitationskonstante, Orbitalgeschwindigkeit, Kosmische Geschwindigkeiten