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Calculation of the g-force of a centrifuge with a certain size and revolution speed. A centrifuge is a rotating device, which is used e.g. to separate substances. At a constant rotation, a centrifuge generates an acceleration. The revolution speed is the number of revolutions per second (rps) or per minute (rpm). Please enter two values and choose the units, the third value will be calculated.

Radius (r):
Revolution speed (n):
Acceleration (a):

Round to decimal places.

The formula for the acceleration of a centrifuge is: a = 4 π² r n²


• a salad spinner with a radius of 10 centimeters, which spins at 2 revolutions per second, already generates an acceleration of almost 16 m/s² or 1.6 g.

• a centrifuge for pilot or astronaut training has a radius of about 5 meters. At one revolution every 3 seconds, this is 20 revolutions per minute, this generates 2.2 g.

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