Calculate Height, Fall Time and Speed

Calculator for the height from which something falls, the duration of the fall and the speed at the end, at a perpendicular fall and without the air resistance. For compact, heavy objects and heights up to a few meters or yards, the air resistance can be neglected. The more, the heavier and more compact the falling object is. The average g-acceleration on Earth is 9.81 m/s².
Enter one value at height, time and speed, the other two values will be calculated.

g-acceleration (g): m/s²
Height (h):
Time (t): seconds
Speed (v):

Round to decimal places.

Example: at a straight jump from a ten meters tower, the jumper's center of gravity is about 11 meters above the water. So the flight takes 1.5 seconds and the diving into the water is at a speed of 53 kilometers per hour.

The formulas are h=g/2*t² and v=g*t

For a fall with air resistance, see fall velocity.

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