Calculate Consumption and Costs for Fan Heaters

Calculator for the energy consumption of a fan heater in a certain time and the costs for it depending on the price of electricity. A fan heater is a fairly expensive way to heat your home. However, such a device is quick, uncomplicated and inexpensive to purchase. It should only be used in exceptional cases, such as if the heating fails or if you want to get the air warm quickly and briefly.
Please indicate the power of the fan heater and the duration in days (d), hours (h) and minutes (min). The energy consumption for heating with the device is calculated. If an electricity price is specified, it will be calculated how much the heating process costs.

Power: watts
Operating time: d, h, min
Electricity price: cents per kWh

Energy consumtion: kWh
Costs: €, $

Example: if you operate a fan heater with 2000 watts on full power for 3.5 hours, you use 7 kilowatt hours. At a price of 40 cents per kWh, this costs 2.80 € or $.

Thermal image of a fan heater
Thermal image of a fan heater

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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