Calculator for Saving Heating Costs

Calculates how much energy and costs are saved by heating the home a certain number of degrees Celsius less. Or how much energy it costs to heat a certain temperature higher. About 6 percent of energy is saved for every degree Celsius less. On the other hand, if you heat your home by one degree more, you use six percent more energy. Heating two degrees warmer requires 12.36 percent more energy.

The formulas for calculating at 6 percent per degree Celsius are:
Saving factor = 0.94degrees less
Additional cost factor = 1.06degrees more
Please select − for less degrees or + for more degrees and enter a value for the temperature. The energy consumption beforehand (e.g. in kWh or euros) can be entered, but does not have to be. The percentage difference per degree can be adjusted if necessary.

Degrees Celsius less/more:
Energy consumption before:
Difference per °C: %
Savings: %
Sdditional consumption: %
Energy consumption after:

Example: if you heat the apartment 2.5 degrees Celsius less, you need 14.3 percent less energy. If you used 3000 kilowatt hours before, it is now 2570 kWh.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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