Add Relativistic Velocities

Calculator for the addition of two velocities close to the speed of light, which act in the same direction. Velocities in the usual areas of human life can be added up quite normally. If a train goes 100 km/h and you walk forwards on this train at 5 km/h, you have a velocity to the outside world of 105 km/h. At very high speeds this is no longer the case, since matter cannot reach or exceed the speed of light.

The relativistic velocity-addition formula is: v = ( v1 + v2 ) / ( 1 + v1*v2/c² )

First velocity v1:
Second velocity v2:
Speed of light c:m/s
Resulting velocity v:

Round to    decimal places.

Example: a (hypothetical) rocket flies through space at half the speed of light (50% c). From this a probe is launched also at half the speed of light in the direction of flight. This now moves at 80 percent of the speed of light.

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