Calculate Relativistic Mass Growth

Calculator for the mass which a body gains with speed. This mass growth only becomes perceivable at percentages of the speed of light. Although the relativistic mass growth occurs at every speed, at those low speeds common in our surroundings, it hardly matters. Therefore, as unit for mass growth nanograms is preselected, which is a billionth of a gram. If the speed approaches to the speed of light, a larger unit should be selected. The speed must be smaller than the speed of light.

The formula is m = m0 / √ 1 - (v²/c²) and Δm = m - m0.

Rest mass m0:
Speed of light c:m/s
Speed v:
Mass at speed m:
Mass growth Δm:

Examples: an 80 tons heavy plane, flying with 1200 kilometers per hour, gains about 50 μg (micrograms), or one twenty thousandths of a gram. A hypothetical spaceship, flying with 86.6 percent of the speed of light, almost doubles its mass.

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