Calculate Distance and Expansion with the Hubble Constant

Calculator for the Hubble constant, which indicates the rate of expansion of the universe from the distance of the galaxies. The exact value of the Hubble constant is not yet known, depending on the measurement method, it is determined to be about 67 or 72 kilometers per second per megaparsec. In fact, it is not a constant as it changes over time. It is therefore also referred to as the Hubble parameter. The process of expanding the universe is called the Hubble flux. Please enter two values to calculate the third. The calculator does not check the plausibility of the entered values.

Hubble constant H0:(km/s) / Mpc

Round to    decimal places.

Example: a galaxy one billion light-years away (1 Gly) is receding from us at a Hubble constant of 72 at a speed of 22074.825 kilometers per second, or 7.363 percent of the speed of light (%c).

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