Neutron-Proton Ratio

Here you can calculate the ratio of neutrons and protons of isotopes. This is also known as the N/Z ratio or nuclear ratio. Please select an element or enter the number of protons. Then enter the number of neutrons or the total number of nucleons. This total number can be found in the name of the isotope, e.g. Helium 4. The ratio and the share of protons and neutrons in percent will be calculated. It is not checked whether a corresponding isotope exists or is possible.


Number of protons:

Number of neutrons:

Total number of nucleons:

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Neutron-proton ratio:

Proton-neutron ratio:

Share of protons: %

Share of neutrons: %

Example: Barium 138 has 56 protons and 82 neutrons. So its neutron-proton ratio is 1.464285714285714

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