Saline Solution, Brine Concentration Calculator

Calculate how much salt must be added to water to get a brine with a certain concentration. Please enter two quantities, the third quantity and the concentration will be calculated. A sodium chloride (common salt) solution can have a concentration of up to 36%, for other salts, other values apply. The given original salinity is the sodium chloride percentage of average tap water.

Amount of salt: grams, ounces, ...
Amount of water: grams, ounces, ...
Amount of salt water: grams, ounces, ...
Original salinity: percent
Concentration: percent

To get a homogeneous solution, don't forget to stir well after mixing.

This table is for the solution of sodium chloride, NaCl, in water. The solution is isotonic if it has the salinity of blood plasma. An isotonic solution is used for many medical purposes.

Drinking water, fresh water< 0,1 %
Hypotonic< 0,9 %
Isotonic 0,9 %
Hypertonic> 0,9 %
Baltic Sea water1,9 %
Sea water, average3,5 %
Deas Sea water28 %
Saturated36 %

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