Calculate Air Pressure at Altitude

Calculator for the expected air pressure at a target altitude based on the current values. Enter the current air pressure, altitude and temperature, as well as the target altitude and the temperature there. Target altitude pressure is an estimate for normal weather conditions, not for extremes. A less accurate but simpler calculation can be made using the international height formula.

Air pressure at current altitude: hPa (mbar)
Current altitude: m
Temperature at current altitude: °C
Target altitude: m
Temperature at target altitude: °C


Air pressure at target altitude: hPa (mbar)
Temperature gradient:

The temperature gradient indicates how quickly the temperature falls with altitude. A good guess in normal weather is 0.0065 °C/meter.
Temperature gradient = ( Temperature at current altitude - Temperature at target altitude ) / Altitude difference
Barometric formula:
Atmospheric pressure at target altitude = Atmospheric pressure at current altitude * (1-temperature gradient*altitude difference/temperature at current altitude in kelvins)^(0.03416/temperature gradient)

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert lengths, temperature, pressure, speed and other units.

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