Wind Pressure Calculator

Wind pressure is the pressure that wind creates on an object, such as a building or a wind turbine. The pressure coefficient is a unitless value that reflects the shape of the object being blown; its value must be taken from tables. It can also be negative, in which case it is a suction. Air density is the mass of air per cubic meter. The wind speed is given in meters per second. These first three values must be given in order to calculate the wind pressure independently of the area. If an area is also specified, then the wind load is calculated on this.

Pressure coefficient:
Air density in kg/m³:
Wind speed in m/s:
Area m²:

Wind pressure in N/m²:
Wind load in N:

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The calculation is:

Pressure coefficient c, air density ρ, wind speed v, area A, wind pressure wp, wind load wl

1. formula: wp = c * ρ/2 * v²
2. formula: wp = c * ρ * v²
The first formula is for the wind pressure according to Bernoulli from the law of conservation of energy, the second for the wind force on a plate, derived from the law of conservation of momentum.

wl = wp * A

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