Calculate Width or Distance with the Thumb Method

Thumb Method

Calculation of the width or distance of an object with the aid of the thumb. One value, distance or width, must be known or estimated. At eye distance and length of the stretched arm from eyes to thumb, average values are set. For a better estimation, you should take your measures.
Thumb method: stretch one arm and hold the thumb up. Then close the left eye and hold the thumb in front of the left border of the object (e.g. a house or a mountain). Now open the left and close the right eye. Remember the position behind the thumb. Change the eyes again and move the thumb to this position. Repeat, until you have reached the right border of the object with the left eye (this number doesn't need to be an integer, it can also be something like 0.5 or 2.3).

Eye distance a: cm
Distance eyes-thumb b: cm
Steps x:
Distance to the object c: m, km, ...
Width of the object d: m, km, ...

Ratio eyes-arm: 1:

Please enter the distance to the object or its width, the other value will be calculated.

Formula: d = x * c * a / b

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