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Distance Wind Turbines Calculator

Calculate the distances between wind turbines and to residential buildings from the height and diameter.
The minimum distance between wind turbines and residential buildings is specified politically, an example here is the infamous 10H regulation from Bavaria, for which the formula would be 10*h.
There are various specifications for the recommended distance between two wind turbines so that they do not interfere with one another. Which formula is used here is decided by experts on the basis of local conditions. Recommendations are, for example, 5*d in the main wind direction and 3*d in the secondary wind direction. A formula that takes into account both the height and the swept area and therefore appears more precise is 3*(n+d).

Allowed variables in the formula are :
r: radius of the swept area, length of a rotor blade
d: diameter of the swept area, d=2*r
n: hub height, height to the center of the swept area
h: total height, h=n+r

Please enter the formula and the required length information in order to calculate a minimum distance. The units of length are the same for all specifications, e.g. meters. * must not be omitted.



Radius r:
Diameter d:
Hub height n:
Total height h:
Minimum distance :

Example: Wind turbines with a hub height of 140 meters and a radius of 81.5 meters can be erected at intervals of 909 meters, according to the formula 3*(n+d).

Wind farm

In the picture above you can see eleven wind turbines in a wind farm in southern Germany, in the municipality of Wildpoldsried. These wind turbines are 200 to 600 meters apart from each other. The radius of the rotor blades is 29 to 58 meters. They are located on a ridge of hills, most on a nearly straight line from north to south, this is the secondary wind direction. The wind here comes mainly from the west, so these small distances make sense.

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