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Annual Yield Wind Turbine

Calculates the estimated yield of electricity from a wind turbine in one year or a different time span. The calculation is simple, but of course only a rough estimate for wind turbines that are built in a high-yield region. The output of the wind turbine is multiplied with the number of hours in a year (8760, if not a leap year) and the capacity factor (this would ideally be 1, but it is actually lower, about 0.3 in a good region on land, higher offshore).
Please insert three values and select the units you want. The yield is calculated as P*t*c.

Power P:
Time t:hours
Capacity factor c:

Example: a wind turbine with an output of 5 MW (5000 kW) and given capacity factor has an expected annual yield of 13.14 gigawatts of electricity.

Converting electricity into money is easy if you know the average price paid for a kilowatt-hour (or megawatt-hour) produced. However, the electricity often has to be sold on the electricity exchange at current prices, which makes a prior forecast very difficult. The fact that in many regions there is more wind in winter than in summer, when the photovoltaic systems produce more electricity, speaks in favor of wind turbines. In winter, a higher price is often paid for electricity, which makes the wind turbine more lucrative. This could increase in the future if more and more heat pumps are installed, which are also often needed more in winter than in summer. Wind turbines also provide electricity at night, where less is needed but nothing is generated by photovoltaics. These two methods of renewable energy complement each other excellently and should therefore be expanded in parallel. Whereas the investment in a wind turbine is much higher and can hardly be implemented in the private sector.

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