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Annual Yield Wind Turbine

Calculates the estimated yield of electricity from a wind turbine in one year or a different time span. The calculation is simple, but of course only a rough estimate for wind turbines that are built in a high-yield region. The output of the wind turbine is multiplied with the number of hours in a year (8760, if not a leap year) and the capacity factor (this would ideally be 1, but it is actually lower, about 0.3 in a good region on land, higher offshore).
Please insert three values and select the units you want. The yield is calculated as P*t*c.

Power P:
Time t:hours
Capacity factor c:

Example: a wind turbine with an output of 5 MW (5000 kW) and given capacity factor has an expected annual yield of 13.14 gigawatts of electricity.

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