Calculate the Unit Fraction Sum

Calculator for the unit fraction sum, or Egyptian fraction, of a common or decimal fraction. A common fraction is e.g. 3/4, the according decimal fraction is 0.75. A unit fraction has the form 1/n, whereas n is a natural number. The unit fraction sum gives the fraction as a sum of different unit fractions (and a natural number, if the fraction is larger than 1). A unit fraction sum is only possible for positive values. Please enter numerator and denominator of a common fraction or the value of a decimal fraction and press the according button.

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Decimal fraction:

Unit Fraction Sum:

Examples: common fraction 5/19 = 1/4 + 1/76; decimal fraction 0.024 = 1/42 + 1/5250

The calculation might take a while and does not always return the shortest possible unit fraction sum. For too complicated fractions, like e.g. 3/7 or 13/287, unfortunately no result is returned.