Calculate Trigonometric Powers

Calculator for the power functions of sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant and for the arcus functions.

Please choose, if the angle specification is in degrees, radian or times pi, then enter power and angle. The trigonometric powers of this angle will be calculated. Also, a fraction, like 2/3, can be entered. It is not possible to calculate fraction powers of negative values. If tangent, cotangent, secant or cosecant before potentiation are above 100,000, infinite is assumed.

Angle in

Round to decimal places.

Power x:
Angle α:
sinxα =
cosxα =
tanxα =
cotxα =
secxα =
cscxα =

Arcus powers

Those are the inverse functions of the trigonometric powers. The arcus of sinxα is asin(x√α), of cosxα it is acos(x√α), and so on. The result of the calculation is an angle, specification and rounding are taken from above.

Root x:
Value y:
asin(x√y) =
acos(x√y) =
atan(x√y) =
acot(x√y) =
asec(x√y) =
acsc(x√y) =