Calculate Proportional Power

Calculator for a proportional ratio to a power when a value changes as a percentage or by a factor. If there is a relation between two values, then a change in one value leads to a change in the other. Often this relation is not linear, sometimes it is a power. Changing the radius of a circle changes its area to the second power. Increasing the radius of a sphere increases its volume to the third power. With a ten percent (factor 1.1) increase in the radius, the surface area increases by 21 percent and the volume by 33.1 percent.
Please enter a percentage or a factor and a power. Specifying an absolute value is optional.

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Example: the triple-alpha process inside red giant stars takes place at temperatures above 100 million Kelvin. The release of energy increases with the 30th power of the temperature. So a 10 percent increase in temperature would release 1645 percent more energy, a 17.45-fold increase. But that also means that the temperature there can hardly rise much.