Calculate Altitude Difference

Calculator for the altitude difference uphill and downhill of a tour from the given altitudes. The start altitude must be entered, the altitudes of that points where the direction changes from up to down or the other way and the altitude at the end of the tour. Please enter space-separated values. It will be calculated, how many meters (or feet, yards, ...) have been covered uphill and downhill altogether. Also, the altitude difference between start and end is calculated.

Uphill altitude difference:
Downhill altitude difference:
Total difference:

Altitude profile

Example: this altitude profile has the points 800 1166 959 1388 1170 1233 954. On this tour, 858 meters have been made uphill and 704 meters have been made downhill. The total difference is 154 meters.

Calculator for Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Driving.

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