Calculate Lifespan of a Star

Calculator for the expected lifespan of stars based on their mass compared to the sun. This calculation is a good estimate for stars with a chemical composition similar to that of the sun. Then the lifespan depends only on the mass of the star. The more mass a star has, the lower its life expectancy. The formula for the calculation is: lifespan of the star = lifespan of the sun * (star mass / solar mass) -2.5. The lifespan of the sun is estimated as 10 billion years.

Star mass: solar masses
Lifespan of the star: years

Please enter the mass of the star, its expected lifespan will be calculated. The mass of a star can be between 0.07 and 150 solar masses.

Examples: a star with twice the solar mass has a life expectancy of almost 1.8 billion years. A star with half the mass of the Sun has a life expectancy of almost 57 billion years.

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