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Calculator for the power density of solar modules or a photovoltaic system. The power density is calculated as watts per square meter. Different photovoltaic modules not only have different specifications for the possible maximum output (watt peak), but also different sizes, which of course makes a direct comparison more difficult. The relevant value here is the power for the same area. Here one square meter is taken as the reference area. Photovoltaic systems can also be compared in this way; other factors are added to the performance of the individual modules, such as the gaps between the modules and possibly unoccupied parts of the area when the entire area is specified, especially in large systems.
The power density can be calculated for a module or system, or two of them can be compared with each other. Please specify the length and width in meters or the area in square meters, as well as the maximum power in watt peak.

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Solar module

The photovoltaic module shown here as an example has a length of 1.767 meters and a width of 1.041 meters. So its area is about 1.84 square meters. The power is 390 watts peak. This means it has a power density of just over 212 Wp/m².

The power density is particularly a relevant value when the space for photovoltaics is limited, as is the case with roof systems, especially in the private sector. The power density has increased noticeably and fairly continuously since the first photovoltaic modules. In the 2010s it was around 150 watts per square meter for individual modules; in the 20s it exceeded 200 Wp/m². At the same time, the price per watt peak fell significantly, so that what was originally a very expensive form of energy production became an almost unbeatably cheap.

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