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Electrical Conductivity Calculator

Calculate electrical conductivity in siemens per meter and other units. The conductivity describes how well an object made of a homogeneous material conducts electricity. It is calculated from the conductance of the material per distance. Conductance is the reciprocal of electrical resistance.

The formulas are:
σ = G / d
G = I / U
R = U / I

The units are:
1Ω = 1V / 1A
1S = 1A / 1V

Please enter the distance, plus voltage and amperage or conductance or resistance. The electrical conductivity will be calculated.

Voltage U:
Amperage I:
Resistance R:
Conductance G:
Distance d:
Conductivity σ: /

Example: an electrical conductivity of 300 μS/cm is indicated on a bottle of mineral water. If you enter 300 microsiemens as the conductivity and 1 centimeter as the length, you get a conductivity of 0.03 siemens per meter and a resistance of 3.333 kiloohms.

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