Calculate a Circle Sector

Calculator for the circumference and size of a pie slice of a circle, with different units. A circle sector or circular sector is a not completely drawn through circle. Such a field as cultivated area is found in agriculture, where center pivot irrigation faces an obstacle, can't rotate full and has to go back.
Please enter circle radius and pie angle and choose the units. Arc length, circumference and area will be calculated.

Arc length:

Units of measurement: cm=centimeter, dm=decimeter, m=meter, km=kilometer, in=inch, ft=foot, yd=yard, mi=mile, ²,sq=square, a=are, ha=hectare, ac=acre

Angle: °=degrees, rad=radian, *π=multiples of pi


Radius r, angle α
Arc length l = 2rπ * α/360°
Circumference u = l+2r
Area A = r²π * α/360°

Circle sector, pie
A pie or circle sector shaped field.

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