Calculate Area per Person

Calculator how much space is available per person on average for a certain size and number of people. This is applicable to regions, countries or the land surface of the earth. The result is only meaningful to a limited extent, because on the one hand the areas are sometimes very different and on the other hand not every area is available for people. Some areas cannot be used and nature also needs a lot of space. The result is therefore a purely theoretical one.
Please enter the available area and the number of people and select the appropriate units for all three input fields. The area per person is calculated.

Available area:
Number of persons:
Area per person:

Units of measurement: cm=centimeter, dm=decimeter, m=meter, km=kilometer, in=inch, ft=foot, yd=yard, mi=mile, ²,sq=square, a=are, ha=hectare, ac=acre

Prefixes: m=milli, thousandth; k=kilo, thousand; M=mega, million; G=giga, billion

Example: the earth has a land surface area of about 149 million square kilometers (149 MkmĀ²) and a population of about 8 billion (8 G) (as of 2022). That would be about 1.86 hectares for one person. About half the area is actually used by humans, so 0.9 hectares per person are available. A large part of the other half is deserts and icy areas.

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