Calculate Energy in Warm Water

Calculator for the energy that cold water needs to get warm or that warm water can give to its cooler surroundings. This applies to the temperature range in which water is liquid. The thermal energy can be calculated using the specific heat capacity from the temperature difference between warm water and cold surroundings and the amount of water. In practice, more energy is required for heating, since the efficiency cannot be 100 percent.
Please enter two of the three free values, the third value will be calculated. Water is often given in liters. If you don't need an exact result, you can equate liters with kilograms for the sake of simplicity. The formula is e=c*m*ΔT

Spec. heat capacity c:J / (kg * K)
Temperature difference ΔT:
Mass M:
Energy e:

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Example: heating 2 liters of water from 20°C to 80°C, i.e. a temperature difference of 60°C, requires an energy of almost 140 watt hours. This energy is released back into the environment as the water cools.

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