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Explosive power calculator, converts the energy of explosions in mass TNT and (mega-, giga-, ...) joules. The TNT equivalent is a common measure of the energy released in an explosion, even if no TNT was involved. 1 kilogram of TNT releases 4.184 megajoules (4.184 * 10^6 joules).
Please enter one value and select the units. J stands for joules, g for grams and t for tons. The other letters are prefixes, like k for kilo and M for mega. The exponential values refer to joules or kilograms.

TNT equivalent:

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1. The largest man-made explosion, a 1954 Soviet hydrogen bomb, had about 50 megatons (Mt) of TNT equivalent, releasing an energy of 209 petajoules (PJ, 10^15 J).
2. The asteroid impact that sealed the end of dinosaurs 66 million years ago is estimated at 3*10^23 (=300*10^21) joules. This equates to 71.7 teratons, or trillion tons of TNT.

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